8bitdo has been making retro inspired game controllers for a few years now, and they are beginning to come out with more original variations on the themes. The SN30 pro is one of their more recent offerings and available in retro-inspired but original colour schemes.

Look and Feel

It keeps a retro-inspired look based on a combination of Nintendo SNES and PlayStation style in its layout. It reminds me of the Nintendo Classic Controller that was released for the Nintendo Wii.

The controller feels great in the hand with all buttons easily in reach and at a great size for those of us with medium sized hands. The quality is also great - easily on par with first party offerings from Nintendo and Microsoft.

The D-Pad in particular deserves praise. I was able to play indie platformer Celeste with no trouble and Mega Man 11 was a similarly good experience.

The triggers are fairly good but I would have liked to see more movement precision for games that allow you to vary the input based on how far down you press like racing games. Perhaps they will improve this in the upcoming version of the controller with PlayStation/Xbox-style hand grips?


The SN30 Pro supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Steam OS / Steam Link, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch, as well as classic consoles like the SNES, NES and Sega Mega Drive through 8bitdo’s controller adapter range.

It would be really nice if they would make one of those controller adapters for the PlayStation 2 given its my only connected console without a wireless controller connected.

It connects via bluetooth and the connection is solid. I experienced no dropouts or awkward pauses using it connected to my Windows desktop, laptop and Steam Link.

Battery Life

8bitdo states 16 hours and so far that has held true, I am at about 15 hours and it is still running, so I have no reason to doubt 8bitdo’s claims.


In conclusion a great controller on par with first party offerings. Highly recommended.