Fruits Basket is one of the first anime series that I got into when I was able to start watching it seriously as a hobby. The original was a beautiful, heart-wrenching series that I loved. I have high expectations for this new series which plans to adapt the original manga from beginning to end. The original adaptation ended with an anime original ending since the manga was ongoing at the time.

After losing her mother, Tohru Honda is left with no where to live while her grandfather renovates the house. Not wanting to trouble her friends, Tohru instead lives in a tent.

Tohru is soon discovered by the owners of the property, the Sohma family’s Yuki and Shigure. They offer to let Tohru live in the house while the renovations are underway.

The first day is interrupted by Yuki and Shigure’s cousin Kyo who wants to fight his rival, Yuki. Not wanting them to fight, Tohru attempts to stop them but slips and falls onto to Kyo’s back which triggers the Sohma family secret.

The Sohma family is cursed and will transform into an animal of the Chinese zodiac if stressed or hugged by the opposite sex. The exception to this is Kyo, who is instead possessed by the cat and like the cat is not accepted by the other family members.

The story follows Tohru as she gets to know the Sohma’s, learns about the Sohma secret and sets out to break the curse.

The first episode followed the same plot as the first anime, and that isn’t a bad thing at all. It is expected since they are adapting the same material.

The art was great and of good quality. It resembles the original version since it is based on the same source but is updated to modern standards being widescreen and digitally produced.

The voice acting is mostly the same as the original with many of the original cast reprising their roles, and remains great as was the original. The ending theme was also good showing many of the Sohma family and their respective zodiac animals.

I am looking forward to watching this adaption further. It will be familiar ground for awhile but that’s not a bad thing given how the first series turned out.

Fruits Basket is available to watch on Crunchyroll.