Our favourite pink blob Kirby is back in a proper 3D adventure game. Not quite Kirby’s first but I never played his car racing game on the GameCube.

Like the 2D games, you explore levels with varying jumping puzzles and enemies to defeat and make your way to the end. Also, like those games, you can suck in those enemies using Kirby’s enormous capacity of a vacuum mouth to gain either a projectile to shoot back or a power up.

There are two main differences in this this new game. First, everything is taking place in a 3D space. There is some AIM assist which makes targetting enemies easier. It’s kind of like a magnet - not cheating at all but just ironing out the frustration of just missing the mark.

The second is Kirby can try to eat somethings that are just a tad bit big for him to swallow. This results in him wrapping around the object and gaining some amount of control over the object. These are usually only useful in specific situations and the specific area which they appear. The game does not always force you to give up control over the object but the situation is usually such that you’ll eventually have to give up the object to make progress. The car featured in all the trailers is a fun, if a bit difficult to control affair. Always a delight. You can also take control of vending machines - expelling items at enemies, and spike-like traffic cones that you can use to make holes in things.

Kirby Storage Mouth

Scattered throughout the levels are collectibles. Your main goal is rescuing the Waddle-Dees but there are also items like stars and stamps to collect, and the occassional recovery item. Rescue enough Waddle-Dees to unlock the next world stage and progress the game.

I am enjoying my time with the game so far. It’s an only slightly challenging but quite relaxing and interesting platforming experience. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Kirby and The Forgotten Land is immediently available for the Nintendo Switch.